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Mock Interview Days

On 25th & 26th November we invited Volunteers from an array of Businesses to test all our Year 11 students on Communication & to encourage Confidence in an Interview situation.

For many, this was their first opportunity in speaking to a stranger where the interview was quite generic but encouraged students to speak with clarity and let their personality shine through. They all had to ask the volunteer a question, which most tried and succeeded. Well done!

This type of event really stretches the students and prepares them towards the World of Work. The school were extremely grateful for the volunteers offering their own time; however all the volunteers really enjoyed their experience and here you can see how impressed they were of our students. Please read some of the many positive Comments.

We’re so incredibly proud of them all!

STEM Workshops March 2022

Selected students from Years 7, 8 & 9 had the challenge 7 opportunity to produce electricity, by making a fruit battery, using an Orange and 2 different types of metal. They learnt so much from Carl, the facilitator for Energy Quest who made the workshops SO interesting. I was amazed by the sheer talent, curiosity and interest of our students. All learnt so much in these 2 hours and we have some budding engineers in the making. The world needs them as there is a massive skills shortage in Engineering.

Year 7:

  • ‘I have learnt that you can get somewhere and be somebody big by just working for it’
  • ‘I really enjoyed the experiment and how Carl presented the lesson. I found it really fun and am looking to look into what I could become in the engineering field’.
  • ‘It was really fun and exciting. It got me more interested and engaged in Science and Engineering. Thank you for a great 2 hours’
  • ‘It was really fun and I really loved it. I loved the orange experiment. I was really shocked you can make energy from an orange and coins’

Year 8:

  • ‘I’ve learnt so much! Before this session I never considered Engineering as a job option but now I am thinking about it’
  • ‘Today was really fun; we learnt a lot and the experiment was really enjoyable. Carl is really nice and taught us in a good way’
  • ‘I learnt that oranges make electricity. I enjoyed making power’
  • ‘I learnt about a lot more than what I thought it was about. I enjoyed the orange experiment’

Year 9:

  • ‘It was good to learn about things that change the world and solves international problems. It arouses a feeling that wants me to want to go into artificial intelligence because I really love imaginative and universally important stuff’
  • ‘I enjoyed the STEM workshop. I feel I learnt a lot and had fun participating in certain activities. I will definitely consider a career in STEM’
  • ‘I found the workshop interesting because it taught me that Engineering isn’t just about cars and factories; it’s part of something much bigger’
  • ‘The workshop was good. Now I can see all of the different pathways that come from technology and engineering’

What Career Live

Early March Careers took along Year 11 students to the NEC to explore future Careers, whether it was Universities and seeing what degree courses were on offer  OR some Employers offering some excellent Apprenticeship Information. Additionally, there was a CV Clinic, independent Careers Advice and specific subject talks, plus the opportunity to perform at the Buskers Corner. Students collected a lot of information and goodies to remind them of their trip. The students were absolutely formidable and it was a pleasurable informing trip.

Careers Updates in 2022

We have had a busy time Career-wise for Year 11 students!

  • Last week the Strive for Success sessions took place so now all students should have taken part in this, encouraging them to succeed and apply themselves to future tasks.
  • This week we have Coventry College delivering a Teams Talk on courses available in Further Education.
  • Additionally, some students will be attending 2 sessions on Communications and Networking deliver by volunteers from DHL, which should prove to help in improving their confidence for the future.
  • Plus all students will have received a 6th form interview to see about their chosen subjects plus ensuring some students have Plan Bs and have made at least one application to either 6th Form, College or Apprenticeships
  • Finally, today Year 11 students received a talk from the National Citizen Service (NCS) to inform them about a fantastic opportunity available to them over the summer holidays
    • The NCS programme offers young people, aged 16-17 (or age 15 and in Year 11), a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something meaningful during their summer break, as well as a chance to develop key skills for employment whilst taking on new challenges that will set them up for adult life. They’ll also do something good for their local community, carrying out a project to support a cause they care about. We’ve seen first-hand what an amazing feeling of accomplishment and increased confidence this brings. Throughout 2021, teenagers on NCS donated 500,000 hours of their time to help rebuild their communities following the pandemic, showing what a difference young people can make when they work together towards a goal.

CWT Early Years Trip

Year 11 students who are considering a career working with children had the opportunity to visit Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber Training to undertake some hands-on activities. They learnt how to make playdough, Gloop and could get sparkly & creative with making game cards for young children to learn through play. Additionally they received CV Writing support and now have the basis of an excellent CV to move them forward in their Career Pathway.

Year 11 Trip to MGTS

We took a select group, who missed out on the original trip to MGTS- Midland Group Training Services who offer specialist training in Engineering Apprenticeships.

These students could be our engineers for the Future!

They are having a Drop-in session 15th March 4-7pm so parents can also take a look and ask questions.

Teach First Visit – DHL

We have a series of events arranged via Teach First where DHL Volunteers are delivering Career-Focused Activities for different year groups. Today (Wednesday 3rd November 2021), 30 Year 9 students were able to learn about the world of Work and opportunities available in Logistics.  They learnt about the variety of different roles and what specifications they may need in terms of qualifications, both academic, non-academic and Personality Traits and Skills. It was a really engaging time (one activity was making a mode of transport with a piece of paper behind their backs), subsequently learning about all the modes of transports used in logistics with quite a few surprises!  The students took a lot from today’s  Careers Classroom Session.

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