Rewards and Sanctions

West Coventry Academy promotes high standard of behaviour by encouraging a positive atmosphere underpinned by mutual respect and courtesy.

Behaviour management is not the responsibility of one person. Every person within the school community has a role to play within promoting good behaviour. Students should follow the agreed code of conduct and all staff have a responsibility of promoting good behaviour and challenging behaviour that is unacceptable.

The use of praise, encouragement and rewards are a vital means of positively recognising effort and achievement in both behaviour and work. They are key features in pointing out expected behaviours.

The school reward system is a “points” based system which aims to reward students in many areas, not just good behaviour and academic achievement.

Students and parents can use the ClassCharts app to track their rewards points.

Points can be gained in many ways

  • Rewards given by teachers
    • Each teacher is encouraged to give up to 5 per lesson
    • Work/Contribution to lessons
    • This can be via the sticker system where students claim points via codes
  • Each Student to gain a point for each week they have 100% attendance
  • Each Student to gain points from Progress Reviews
  • Each Student to gain a point for attending an extra-curricular club
    • E.g. Science, Sports
  • Each student to gain a point to representing the school in an extra-curricular event
    • E.g. Public speaking, Sports
    • Helping on open evenings etc.
  • Year Team, Awards
    • Termly awards given by year teams at their discretion