We recognise that the journey to become successful adults is made not just in the classroom and we value the contribution our sixth form students make to school life; indeed we expect our sixth formers to be positive role models for younger students. 

To this end there are a diverse range of extra-curricular opportunities available to you as part of West Coventry Academy Sixth Form including membership of various sports teams, charity fund raising and volunteering in the community.   We also have a comprehensive enrichment programme.

Whether by taking on the role of a Senior Sports Leader supporting younger students in developing their abilities, working as a senior member of the Student Leadership Team representing the views of students to school governors and senior staff, or collaborating with staff to support younger students in lessons, you will be encouraged to act as a positive role model and inspiration for the wider school. Every student is expected to participate in a significant enrichment activity each week.

We also have a wide range of external opportunities that are advertised and supported by our partners from various universities.  These include Realising Opportunities and the Summer School project with Warwick University, Tomorrows Teachers with Edge Hill and Pathways to Law with Sutton Trust. 

We have also had successful applicants join the KPMG School Leaver Programme as well as Project Trust.

You will be actively encouraged to participate in all of these opportunities.  They provide invaluable experience, enhance employability and nurture life skills.