Go4Schools (Monitoring Progress)

We have developed our assessment and reporting system across all years to support students in reaching their full potential.

Reports moving forward are being issued on a system called Go 4 Schools. Using GO 4 Schools, you will be able to view your child’s progress online and access information at any time. This includes any issued reports, attendance and real time progress information where a teacher has shared this. You will be contacted when new reports are issued.

Link: https://www.go4schools.com/parents/

Guide: Logging in to Go4School the First Time

Guide: Using Go4Schools for Parents and Carers

Key Stage Three

Starting from September 2022 we will be measuring students’ progress on Age Related Expectations (ARCs). These will be provided by staff for each report. There are three per year and will be reported to parents.

More information on this will follow

KS3 Report Example

Key Stage Four

After choosing their GCSEs a target grade is generated in each subject for Year 10 student based on their KS2 SATS results. This target is reviewed across their KS4 journey by class teachers. Forecast grades are also predicted by staff at every data drop. There are three data drops per year and these are reported to parents.

KS4 Report Example

Key Stage Five

At Key Stage Five students are set target grades based upon expected progress according to their GCSE average points score. Forecast grades are predicted by staff at every data drop. There are three per year and these are reported to parents.

KS5 Report Example

Attitude to Learning

At all stages their attitude to learning is also measured against The 4Rs Respect, Responsible,  Resilient and Ready to Learn.