Access Our Systems and Apps

We use a few systems to ensure we can provide transparent and quick communication for parents and students, as well as giving our students the tools they need to succeed.

Please follow the links to find out how you can login. Email if you need any assistance.

Class Charts
To inform you and your child of their homework
To send out revision resources
To inform you and your child of their rewards points
To provide background on behaviour points including detentions
To access student reports for parents
To access assessment and other progress information
To provide some additional information such as attendance.
To add money to allow students to use our canteen.
To pay for school trips.
To pay for supplies, such as revision books.
School Cloud Parents Evenings
Allow us to book meetings for Parents Evenings
Also can host Parents Evenings online
Microsoft 365
For students to use programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint
To access classes via Teams.
Click the link above to access.
We send out most communication via email.
If you are not receiving regular emails from us please make sure
– We are not in your Spam folder
– We have the correct email address on file.
We have the ability to send out text messages. These are used normally in the following situations
– If your child is absent and we have not been informed
– For time limited, or more important messages
– For emergency situations, such as school closures